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tom and jerry dvdThere is a Tom and Jerry DVD out there with your name on it to rediscover the classis tale of two frienemies in the original sense. Warner Brothers has released the classic cartoon out to DVD for all to see again and for many to experience for the very first time. You can buy a collect of the Tom and Jerry collection to have in your library at home for years to come.

Tom and Jerry dvd movie is the classic story of cat chases mouse, mouse stays alive, and cat gets hurt while mouse makes cat’s life miserable. It’s entertaining to watch at any age with lively music and stories that are curiously engaging. Every episode Tom tries to get Jerry to no avail and yet he perseveres to try again another episode.

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You have to applaud Tom for his drive to get the mouse. It’s not that he’s just a stupid cat that can’t catch a mouse but it’s just he isnot as smart as Jerry. Don’t we all know people like that in our lives. Yet you have to love that darn cat and feel sorry for him but just a bit happy that he is never successful.

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tom and jerry dvdEnjoying the plight of Tom is what Jerry seems to live for in some egotistical yet masocistic way. He waits long enough to let Tom think he might just catch him and then gets him in the end. Enough bait to make Tom think he might get him the next time Jerry lets him think that.

This sociology of two people shown in the lives of animals rings true to human behavior. It shows the interaction between two personalities and the fortitude to put up with certain people who just seem to be after you all the time. At any age you might get that deep with Tom and Jerry but subliminally you can sense it.

It is this basic principal that makes Tom and Jerry dvd movies fresh every time you watch it and creates new fans of the show. It may just be a cartoon to some but it is really a slice of life regarding human behavior. With the creation of the DVD you can get some more background information about the show, it’s creators and some of the voices you hear in the cartoon.

Tom and Jerry DVD is now available for you to purchase of buy as a gift to someone else and make perfect gifts for the holidays. Pick up a couple and spread the humor of these timeless characters that are entertaining to watch for the entire family.
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